A love of scripture, the Book of Mormon in my daily life

The past few days have been pretty quiet for me, well if you can call my random squeaking quiet.  The joy of the quiet has meant some time to just relax as best as I can, ponder some things that need pondering, curl up with the kittens and watch a bit of television.

I stumbled on a series of quotes from Downton Abbey on FaceBook so I started watching.  I love Dame Maggie Smith and seeing her in a more featured roll has been phenomenal.  I steamed through the first season and am on to the second and am looking forward to some more quotes from her character.  

In addition to four days of bed rest, the I told you so from the doctor, I was able to write a quick note for my mother and am putting a package together for her to welcome her to young women since she’s agreed to go through personal progress with me.

I have a few things left that I am waiting for and I’m definitely looking forward to sending everything off to her:

  • A triple combination (I realized a full brick could be a bit overwhelming)
  • A copy of the Personal Progress manual and journal
  • A copy of For the Strength of Youth
  • A copy of The Young Women’s Personal Progress Doodle Book (see below)
  • And what I’m waiting for, a young women’s torch pendant and chain

I don’t know if she’ll understand how important that this is to me quite yet.  I actually cried when I was given my pendant as a welcome to the Young Women.  There was this joy and this moment where more of me understood and felt the fit I have in his plan.

And part of this fitting in and being a part of that plan is doing my part of personal progress.  How silly am I?  I’m a goose really.  But of course, as part of being a goose, I’m digging deeper into Scripture.

The hard part about being a visual learner is that reading doesn’t always do it for  me and while I’ve listened through the Book of Mormon several times, and read it through nearly four times, but the hard part is that with the crazy damage to brain from a head injury quite some time ago, my ability to retain information has been difficult.

Luckily for me there is an amazing woman out there, Shannon Foster, who is also a blogger and a writer and has a brilliant creative mind.  She’s put together doodle books for Personal Progress, Sunday School, and studying the Doctrine and Covenants as well as the Book of Mormon.  

While the Book of Mormon guides currently only cover 1 Nephi through Mosiah, she indicated that there are additional guides coming through.  Her resources are bountiful and includes a great deal of Sunday School resources as well as ones for General Conference.

As a convert, I find them completely invaluable and they’ve been wonderful in drawing my mind into the best place to begin such a venture where I’m trying to retain more about what I am studying.  I am truly blessed to have found her site and encourage anyone out there who wants additional insight and help in studying the Book of Mormon, a work book for Sunday School or even Personal Progress to consider checking out her site at theredheadedhostess.com

You never know when something I found may also offer a blessing for someone else that’s out there.

With these thoughts in mind, I thought I’d share some quotes about the Book of Mormon that don’t just come from me,but also come from others and testify to the power of the Book of Mormon.  These quotes now occupy they first few pages of my Book of Mormon Doodle Book.

The best part is that they’re directly from my doodle book and written in my own hand:

And next time, my fascination with the Kirtland Temple Era and a love of one of my favorite radio series, Past Impressions which you can find out more about at MormonChannel.Org.

Have a great week!