The “I told you so”

Woke up this morning feeling like I got run over by a bus.  Of course the amazing Mister J dragged me to the doctor where I was scolded for waiting to go in after I lost my voice and also was on the receiving end of an epic I told you so.

Of course it was well deserved.  I did talk them into letting me go back to work after the stomach flu on Wednesday as log as I didn’t spike another fever or get sick again.

“Sometimes we actually need to rest after we’ve been that sick to make sure we don’t get taken out by something else while our immune systems recover” or something like that.

Yes, I am very stubborn.  I’m a work-a-Hollic that loves where she works and what she does and enjoys getting everything that I can possibly get out of each and every day.  

In this case, my go go go go getter way of life has kncocked me on my rear and it’s taking a little longer than normal to get up this time.  Worse, we miss out on the rodeo and Willie Nelson tonight but there’s an amazing newbie to Austin at work who is taking our tickets and heading out to the rodeo.

Me?  Well….. I don’t know. I’m tired, funky and fighting the crud.  My goal of being ready to attack the world on Monday may not be happening.  

All that aside, in feeling down. I missed Lego Wars with the young women, stake recreation day and there’s no way I’ll be up and moving for church tomorrow.  Saving my germs for me, me, me!  Me, myself and Mister J.

Life is full of ups and downs and today we just happen to be looking at a few downs. The good news is I have a day and a half to try knocking this thing down.  

Here’s hoping!