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From Sunday School Teacher to Young Women’s Adviser

I have been a Sunday School teacher for quite some time.  It’s been an amazing journey that has been shared by my students in my old class (12 – 14) and my most recent class (15 – 17).

That said, when I began my last lesson I realized that some of the students I was teaching have sat through the same lesson with me for three years running.  It was a realization that would follow me through the afternoon as my husband and I would struggle to remain at church for third hour.

My husband, the amazing Mister J, like his father, the intrepid Mister Matt, has narcolepsy.  The diagnosis was not unexpected as we knew the signs and symptoms.  Luckily something separating my husband and his predisposition to this disorder is that he does not experience catalepsy like his father.

The face of narcolepsy in church throughout multiple meetings, during one of which we both taught Sunday School at that point, was not an easy one.  Mister J and Mister Matt both try their hardest to remain awake and alert but this is not a feat often accomplished without some sort of secondary stimuli.  In Mister J’s case, he place 2048 and runs through his lesson plan a second time and third time and just like his father, without some sort of secondary stimuli, they both are quickly asleep.

This particular Sunday, about a month ago, was one of those Sundays.  Despite our late morning start for our first hour at 11:30 AM, we had both managed to fast for church.  Of course, this made for a more interesting than normal day for us between his problems staying awake and my plummeting sugar as a diabetic.

We were doing our best to make our way out to the car without being snatched up into the inbetween second and third hour chatter because of how much we were both swaying on our feet before we were pulled aside by our Bishop’s second counselor.

To my shock, after three years, I was being released as a Sunday School teacher.  In all honesty, I was relieved.

At work I had just been promoted and had been praying for a schedule that would allow me the time to be more active at church.  I was finally assigned a visiting teaching companion and with the schedule I would be moving into as part of the promotion meaning I would be home by three in the afternoon with no commute traffic, I was very relieved.

And then I was excited.  Without weekly lessons to plan I had an opportunity to be far more active in our Ward Relief Society and as a convert with husband who struggles with the priesthood due to his health, this was a blessing.

An amazingly huge blessing.  Relief and joy ran through me and Jeremy was beaming.

And then the catch.

“We would like to call you as an Advisor to our Young Women’s program as a Bee Hive Advisor.”

I honestly had no idea what that meant.  I knew that this would mean that I would be involved with Young Women, but since i had not gone through the program as a young lady myself, I was a bit on the clueless side of things.

Mister J was trying not to laugh.

We had been praying so fervently for my promotion and a schedule that would allow me to be more active that we just didn’t state what we were looking for specifically.

The schedule I begin in the next few weeks means no morning commute traffic and that I have a start time of 5 AM and a commute of only 30 minutes which is definitely a huge change from 9 AM with a two hour commute.

As to leadership, I had anticipated something in the Relief Society, never in a million years did I anticipate YM!

Perhaps the next time we pray so fervently with others for a change in our lives we should be much more specific.

I’m looking forward to getting to know the Young Women in our ward, and I get to teach in the Young Women program on March 8th on Grace.  Grace just happens to be one of my favorite topics.

I’m still nervous and probably will be for quite some time.